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Roller Blinds

How to measure

Helpful Tip: Try and use a metal tape measure.

1. Measure your window in cm's or inches, whichever you feel comfortable with.

2. When taking sizes, start with the width first and then the drop. You may find it easier drawing a rough diagram on paper first.

3 Make sure you are familiar with the way the window operates, if the window opens inward the blind may restrict the opening of the window. So fitting the blind on the outsite of the frame may be a better option.

Recess Measurement (fitting inside the window frame)

1. All you have to do is measure the exact width across, then the exact drop from top to bottom.

2 Try and measure the width at the highest point of the window, sometimes the measurement at the bottom is different from the top. The narrowest measurement width is required for the make up of the blind.

Outside Measurement (fitting on the outside of the window frame)

1. Measure the outside of the frame, remember the width given will be the total width across including the fixing brackets. For example if a width of 1m is given then an allowance of 37mm will be deducted from the fabric width to allow for the brackets.

2. Measure the outside of the frame for the drop, making sure you allow a little bit extra at the top for the brackets. Please note: If you are not sure about the best place to install the blinds, just take a picture of the area and we will advise. All blinds are supplied with all the necessary fittings, we however do not supply screws. Depending on the surface you are securing to will determine the type and size of screw.

Roller blind fabrics

Our range consists of Regular, Dim-out & Blackout fabrics. We are happy to help select the best fabric option for your project. Also in our range of services we specialise in wood venetian, metal venetian, roman, vertical and coloured regular roller blinds are also available. Please call or email your requirements and we will be delighted to help.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t recommend a roller blind is any wider than 2100mm (2.1 metres, 210cm or 83 inches) That’s a very wide blind and the amount of fabric in required makes it a very heavy blind too.
Yes we can, but only against a coloured fabric. It’s impossible to print white onto a white fabric, likewise it’s difficult to print blue onto a blue fabric, black onto a black fabric and so on. Always think about the colour of the fabric when considering printed roller blinds. We can match most corporate identities, pantone numbers or paint charts however the colours and dyes used in printed roller blinds do vary to those used in paint or printing onto paper.
Flame retardant fabrics are available on request.
Yes. As the name suggests blackout blinds will block virtually all light coming through a window. Blackout fabrics are stronger than standard fabrics and so tend to be slightly more expensive, however they are excellent quality. Often customers who will use projectors, TV screens or computer monitors require blackout blinds particularly in south facing rooms.
Yes, we deliver all across the United Kingdom. We can also arrange delivery to some other countries, please contact us directly if you have this requirement.
Yes, we can install the blinds we produce in some UK locations. Please ask for details. You can of course order blinds from us and install them yourself.
No, today we can reproduce practically anything onto a blind. We use the latest digital printing techniques that give good colour accuracy and definition.
Yes we can. We can print images, solid colours or logos so that they ‘bleed’ off on any side of the blind if desired.
Our standard roller blinds use chain mechanisms however we do offer spring loaded mechanisms too. If you have a preference please specify it when speaking with us. If you don’t know the difference then please ask. Most roller blinds work perfectly with a chain mechanism.
Yes, all of our blinds are supplied with child friendly cord tidy. We urge anyone considering roller blinds to discuss child safety with us when ordering. Even commercial and office environments should consider this.
Yes. Like most businesses there are economies of scale when we produce larger orders. We feel we are competitive on orders of all sizes however quality is paramount, cheap blinds can be a false economy.
Yes, we can produce one-off roller blinds. We can produce any quantity of roller blind.
No, sorry we only print onto roller blinds.
No, unfortunately this isn’t possible. The printing takes place before the fabric is made into a blind, it is impossible for us to print onto it after the top and bottom bars have been added.
We accept almost all image file types (we’ve not yet found one we couldn’t use). Most people supply the image they want printed digitally as a jpeg, tif, eps or pdf type file. These are very common file types and can be created from most PCs. Please feel free to ask us for advice on this.
Yes, our roller blinds are easily fitted and we provide full fitting instructions with every order. We also offer a full fitting service too.
Yes this isn’t a problem. We can produce one-off blinds, multiple blinds of the same size and the same image printed or blinds of various sizes with the same image printed if you like. If you’d like each blind to be different in size and what is printed onto it to be different too that is not a problem for us.
Let’s be frank, you can probably find someone cheaper depending on what you actually need and how long you’ve got to trawl the internet. However our pricing is competitive, we’ve enormous economies of scale because printed roller blinds are our core business. We’ve also got unrivalled experience so we know the best and most economic way to create your blinds. However please always remember we take pride in our blinds, the production process, the material we use and the quality of print are paramount, like most things in life you get what you pay for.
We supply white, brass and chrome roller blind chains. White is the most popular by far as it’s a neutral colour and complements any room, also window frames are normally painted white. There is no difference in quality between the three, only the colour finish. Please specify what colour you’d prefer at time of ordering.
We can accept most formats but our preference is for an eps or vector file. However if you send over what you have we can usually work with it, our team are used to working with Mac and PC based file types.
Yes, if someone wants an image on a roller blind we digitally print it on. We've our own digital printer designed especially for roller blind material, the quality it produces is the best we've found.
Yes, we can print anything onto a roller blind. All our roller blinds are custom made and custom printed to your unique specification. If you have a design you’d like we’re happy to discuss it and offer advice on how best to achieve what you are looking for.
Yes, this is a common request and the process isn’t much different than producing roller blinds for windows. We’ve specialist attachments for positioning and hanging printed roller blinds onto doors. We can advise on a suitable fabric and print more or less any image or logo onto it. All of our roller blinds come with full instructions for hanging too.



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